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Celerii Brand Identity and UI/UX Design | Plogged

Improving the performance of businesses using analytics.


Product Designer

Focus Areas

Brand Identity Design, UX/UI Design




Celerii is a data science/computing startup. They use the power of data science and analytics to create products and tools that will help improve the performance of businesses.

In the world of Big Data, data visualization tools and technologies are essential to analyze massive amounts of information and make data-driven decisions. Lots of industries/sectors have been able to leverage on the potentials in data but some are yet to join in. In other to fill this gap, Celerii created products that be help businesses in various sectors collect, analyze and integrate important data that will accelerate business growth.


Celerii's brand was energized by updating it's visual identity which included a new logo, updated colour palette, graphic elements, typography, and brand guidelines. After the visual identity and branding was completed, I redesigned their website and product suite.

Celerii Logo

Celerii leverages the power of data science and analytics to create meaningful products.

Plogged created a visual identity that conveys simplicity, flexibility and ease of interpretation. Celerii's products help analyze and interpret data in a way that is easy to understand.

Celerii's logo anchors around a "C" formed from the Doughnut Chart. We used the Doughnut Chart because we like doughnuts. Just kidding ;)

Data Visualization
Celerii Logo Formation
Celerii Icon
Celerii Icon
Celerii Ad
Celerii Icon
Celerii Sticker
Celerii Sticker
Celerii App Icon
Celerii Bottle
Celerii Doughnuts
Celerii Office
Celerii Business Cards
Celerii Colors
Celerii Illustration
Celerii Billboard
Celerii Landing Page

Powering data driven classrooms

Celerii is providing technology to allow modern classrooms fully leverage the power of their own data.

Beautiful interfaces were crafted, accessibility was improved, and the user experience was enhanced. The application is built for 3 different types of users: Schools, Teachers and Parents.

1. School: Schools take advantage of enterprise level business intelligence tools to grow. They spot the trends, reduce business risks and make data driven decisions.

2. Teacher: Get closer to their students and see them through their data. Discover them in a way that was previously impossible.

3. Parent: Closely follow the everyday progress of your child/ward with real-time notifications from their classroom and secure communication with those who look after them.

UI Components

For consistency and easy handoff to developers, I designed the Celerii's UI Components and Style Guide to be used throughout the product development.

Celerii Components


Each type of user has a different dashboard. The left menu on the dashboard highlights the features available to the user. The dashboard also gives an overview of some of these features.

Celerii Dashboard


Send and receive secure messages in real-time from your student's parents and guardians as well as from teachers connected to a school.

Celerii Messages

Academic Performance Records

Get real-time academic records from classroom as it concerns your child on any device from anywhere in the world.

Celerii Academic Performance Records

Attendance Records

Celerii Attendance Records

Events Calender

Celerii Events Calender
Celerii Mobile App