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NodTransfer UI/UX Redesign | Plogged

Redesigning the instant money transfer service in and out of Afrcia.


Users retention

UX/UI Product Designer

Services rendered

Brand Identity, UX/UI Design



The challenge

NodTransfer is a product of NodCredit, a Nigeria-based Fintech brand. It is a product which provides instant settlement of cross border payments for Individuals and Businesses at competitive rates directly to beneficiary bank accounts.

Being in operation for sometime there was urgent need to improve on the user interface and user experience for new and current users. The user flow was muddled up, user found it difficult to navigate the platform and would most times reach out directly to NodTransfer's support staff to help to carry out basic transactions. This was quite frustrating for customers and would lead to transaction abandonment.

The solution

NodTransfer was completely redesigned and given a new, clean, beautiful, and user-friendly look. The user experience and user flow was improved upon.


UX audit and research.

One of the first part of any of my redesigning progress is to do an audit of the existing system and gather relevant insight on it's current state.

The current user experience was reviewed, insight from users and analytics was gotten, user personas were created, and efficient user flows for each featur was developed .

User Flow
User Personas

Design system.

To allow for consistency, flexibility and scalability of NodTransfer, a design system that contains assets, styles, and reusable components was created.

Colors & Buttons
Cunia Icons
Laanding page
Landing page
Sign in & Sign up pages
Old Dashboard
Transaction history
Billings & Payments
Mobile screens


At the end of the project, a robust design system was created for NodTransfer which didn't exist before now. NodTransfer's user interface and experience was improved, making it easier for both old and new users to navigate their product and give them better experiences. A robust icon set was created for NodTransfer and these icons are already used in other upcoming product designs. As an extension of the project, I was tasked to redesigned NodTransefer's Operator Suite.