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MavSecure Group Branding

MavSecure Group Branding

Scope of Work

Brand Naming / Brand Strategy / Brand Identity Design / UI/UX Design / Website Design & Development


MavSecure Group - CA, USA

MavSecure Group is a Cyber Security Solutions provider. An assembly of experienced government consultants created MavSecure Group. All their associates and consultants are senior expert leaders who compete at the highest levels within the IT Cyber Security area. As a fast growing company in the Cyber Security field, they leverage their experience and creativity in order to adapt strategically and innovate security solutions customized to individual client needs.

Cyber attacks can cause on average $1.5 billion to a company but beyond that it can ruin the reputation of a business. While others Cyber Security companies may concentrate basic standard security approach, MavSecure aims to go above and beyond by constantly deploying security measures on all levels to tackle Cyber attacks and effectively protect businesses and systems. They will continue to update their knowledge-base and innovatively provide solutions that will beat the expectation of Cyber attackers.

Mood Board

The Logo/Story

At every level, security needs to be robust and efficient. For a new business seeking to secure their system/platform a new bar need to be raised (usually from nothing to a particular level). For businesses that are already secured at a level, they may also need raised their bar as Cyber attackers continually find new ways to break into your systems; that is why they would require a new security agency or even employ more than one security agency.

At which ever level you are contracted, your business would raise your contractor's cyber security (defense) bar. As you keep improving your services, you continue to raise the bar of protection.

MavSecure Logo Formation
MavSecure Logo on Paper
MavSecure Logo Grid
MavSecure Logo Variations
MavSecure Skeleton
MavSecure Logo Positioning/Clear Space

Design Elements/Pattern

These elements will be used through out the branding of MavSecure. The element are designed in a multiple of three reflecting the Three Tier/Level Cyber Security approach as related to Defense-In-Depth. The elements on the top are: 1. Barb Wires and 2. Defense Line Battle Soldiers/Barriers (see Mood Board images). The bottom 3 element/icons represent the three aspects of Defense-In-Depth.

Design Pattern
MavSecure Cards
MavSecure Stationery
MavSecure Stationery
MavSecure Note Book
MavSecure Gravity Note Book and Business Card
MavSecure Note Book Set
MavSecure Note Book Set - Zoomed
MavSecure Ad
MavSecure Billboard
MavSecure Brand Guidelines
MavSecure Website
MavSecure Website - Careers