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Qeen Brand Identity Design | Plogged
Qeen Brand Identity Design


Scope of Work

Brand Identity Design


Qeen, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Qeen is an HR brand that develop and integrate technologies into people and business processes of clients to optimize effectiveness both at individual, team and organizational level. Qeen is was gotten from the word Keen but with a "Q".

We collaborated with the team at Qeen to develop an identity from scratch that will portray the integration of technology into people and business processes. They aim to get people qeen to effectively leverage it to optimize business results. Qeen captures the ease of integration and use of powerful technologies tools to drive business goals.

Qeen: People + Technology
Qeen Logo Concept
Qeen: Typography
Qeen: Colours
Qeen: Design Shapes
Qeen: Icons & Illustrations
Qeen: Logos
Qeen: Coffee Paper Cup
Qeen: Note Books