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Relationship & Marriage Outreach Rebranding | Plogged
Relationship & Marriage Outreach Rebranding

Relationship & Marriage Outreach

Brand Identity Design / UI/UX Design


Relationship & Marriage Outreach also known as R&M, focuses on establishing God's grand design for Relationships and Marriage. They teach in simple and clear manner, the profound wisdom of God.


After 6 years of operation, since it's inception in 2015, R&M needed a new identity to reflect what it stands for. Also the R&M logo needed to be made adaptable throughout it's touch points.


We built an identity around letters R, and M connected together by the ampersand symbol.

The ampersand (&) is creatively crafted to incorporate a love symbol in it and also doubles as a unique icon for the Relationship & Marriage brand. It subtly reflects a "Man" and a "Woman" connected and forming a love arc (See Img. 1 and Img. 2). The arcs flow into each other forming a single symbol, reflect commitment and oneness, giving a nod to the scripture "The two shall become one flesh". The tail end of the symbol is an extension reflecting continuity.

Keywords: Love, Oneness, Commitment, Continuity, Connection, Family
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