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The concept of Ruff is to run a multi-brand fashion store. They are to connect with young fashion conscious individuals through a premium brand experience featuring the best selection of authentic, elegant inspiring products. It will put a touch on the Kuwait premier luxury fashion retailer as it is to be distinguished for its expertly edited fashion and beauty merchandise.

The business is to also support "local fashion designer" who may not be able afford to rent a full store as they cant rent a space in the store.

The goal was to create a simple but consistent visual image for their business.

Mood Board

The first thing we do for every new project is to thoroughly go through the brief. We also communicate with the client to help us further understand the goals of the business. After going through a brief the next thing we do is research. This stage helps us to understand the market, the environment, and the competitors of the business. Next, we single out keywords that are related to the business and prepare our mood board.

Keywords: (1). R (r) initial from Ruff (2). Ruff Bird (3). Shelf (4). Collar (5). Elegant (6). Luxury

Ruff Mood Board
Ruff Logo Sketch
Ruff Logo & Type
Ruff Business Card
Ruff Business Card
Ruff Stationery
Ruff Stationery
Ruff Stationery

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