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Audrey & Bernice Brand Identity Design | Plogged

Audrey & Bernice

Audrey and Bernice is a UK based fashion brand into making of Clothes, Shoes and Bags with African Fabric.

They needed a simple but strong and unique identity that is in the class of world fashion brands like Marks & Spencers, Versace, Mango etc. The identity will be applied on Stationery.

Approach & Identity Concept

Africa is known as the Coloured continent, so in our approach we created a Colourful logo in the light the word "Coloured". Every african fabric is made of up of stands (Lines) of coloured threads. We came up with concept of very thick lines to form letters a (from Audrey) and b (from Bernice).

Audrey & Benice Logo
Audrey & Benice Typeface, Logos and Emblem
Audrey & Bernice Shoe Exhibition
Audrey & Bernice Style Magazine
Audrey & Bernice Logo Usage and Business Card
Audrey & Bernice Stationery
Audrey & Bernice Website Template

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