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EON Foods Branding & Packaging Design | Plogged
EON Foods Branding & Packaging Design

EON Foods

EON Foods Ltd. is a food and beverage company on a mission to raise healthier family through its food synergy concept which combines healthy food together for greater health benefit in the body. We are tasked with creating their brand identity and products packaging for their Unripe Plantain Flour first 10 variants made with plantain flour that comes in 10 variants.

The Logo

The letters "e" from EON and "f" from Foods. The tail of the "e" extends in a way that it completes the "f" as also the tail of the "f" extends to form an "e". The "e" also extends upwards into the "f". Altogether this depicts synergy between the letters "e" (Life) and "f" (Food).

EON means life or extended life from the origin and context. The tail of the "f" extends in a curvy manner rather than being simply straight, depicting an extended life you get from eating healthy food (EON Foods).

E and F represent different food elements that are combined. (X)s and similar shapes in the diagram represent other healthy food elements/products that make up their healthy food collections apart from their Unripe Plantain Flour/Variants.
Logo Formation


Colours are important as they reflect the emotions attached to a brand. Green colour depicts health. So two shades of green to be used as the brand colours are selected.

Logo on Different Backgrounds
Logo on Round Wall Sign
Business Cards
EON Foods Packaging
EON Foods Packaging - Moringa Mix
EON Foods Packaging - 3 Variants on Coloured Backgrounds
EON Foods Packaging - 3 Variants on White Background