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Cohesif Brand Identity Design

Cohesif Brand Identity Design

Scope of Work

Brand Identity Design / UI/UX Design / Website Design & Development


Cohesif, LLC - GA, USA

Cohesif is a consulting firm. Their business will intersect brands, intellectual property and innovation. They will empower and help small and mid-size business visualize, realize, protect and enforce their rights in their brands. The key party of the consultancy is to offer information products to small business owners about the brand, intellectual property and innovation through an education platform called "What IF...?" The IF is a play off of CohesIF.

We were excited to work on this projects as our focus is to help brands achieve their business goals. We created the identity, design element, brand assets etc. We also and a landing page for Cohesif.

Question Mark Morph

The Logo

As with every other identity design project we embark on, we try to first identity the key elements or tags that is related to the brand as a whole. After extensive research we picked out and streamlined to a few of these keywords as listed:

(1). C for Cohesif (2). Intersection (3). Question Mark (4). Solution (5). Answers

We took the direction of fusing C initial from Cohesif and ? (Question Mark). It's a simple mark but it captures your brand essence. It takes Problem/Solution, IF/THEN or Question/Answer perspective.

Cohesif Logo Formation
Cohesif Logo on Paper
Cohesif Logo Grid
Cohesif Logo Variations
Cohesif Logo Positioning
Cohesif Logo Skeleton
Design Pattern
Cohesif Brand Book
Pattern on Cup
Cohesif Business Cards
Cohesif Business Cards
Cohesif Basic Stationery
Cohesif Stationery
Cohesif Invitation Card
Cohesif Graphics
Cohesif Billboard
Cohesif Stationery
Cohesif Stationery - Zoomed
Cohesif Landing Page