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About: Branding, UI/UX Design, and Communication agency | Plogged

Plogged is a Branding, UI/UX Design and Communication agency.

We are a team of passionate individuals in various creative fields building brands and finding new ways to tell your story so as to keep your brand relevance.

  • MavSecure Group
  • Plogged O

Areas we can help:

  • Strategy & Brand Identity Design

    We delve deep, explore, discover and understand the customers and business goals as regards a product or business. Elements like Logo, Colours, Typography, etc, are then created to properly portray and communicate your brand image to your audience.

  • UX/UI Design

    Your website or product is one of the ways many users will get to interact with your brand. We design products and marketing websites that are user-centered with optimal user experience and beautiful user-friendly interfaces.

  • Communication

    We help develop and design the verbal and visual aspects of yur brand that will be used to convey the brand message to your audience in a clear, effective and consistent manner.


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