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Plogged: Energize Your Brand | Branding, UI/UX, and Communication agency.
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Energize Your Brand.

We are an agency focused on strengthening businesses and ideas.

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Plogged is a Branding, UI/UX Design and Communication agency.

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We delve deep, explore, discover and understand the customers preferences as regards a product or business.


We use creative tools and strategies to create, develop and illustrate content that will redefine your brand.


We connect people with your brand using various mediums and approaches that will drive your business goals.

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Logo Redesign for Aptly.

Aptly is a Multifamily AI-Powered CRM for optimizing property team communication, leasing, renewals, resident service, and more.

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Re-branding a healthy lifestyle for families.

We worked with EON Foods Limited in their quest to help individuals and families appreciate eating healthy.

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EON Foods Limited Identity

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